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Best Neighborhoods in Chattanooga

If you plan on living in Chattanooga, you’ve made a fine choice!

As we’ve written in blog articles like this one, we think “Scenic City” is not only one of the best places to live in Tennessee, but the entire US.

So now that you’re making the leap, the next step is getting a feel for the best neighborhoods in Chattanooga. Frankly, you can’t go wrong wherever you land, but here are some highlights to get you started.

Top Chattanooga Neighborhoods 


While you’ll never mistake it for Manhattan or Chicago, Chattanooga offers a downtown with a surprising amount of urban feel. There’s plenty of restaurants steps away, a scenic riverwalk, the famous Tennessee Aquarium, summertime craft fairs and farmer’s markets, a summer concert series, and a whole lot more.

As expected, much of the new development leans toward upscale condominiums and townhomes, so they’re great for people who’d rather enjoy convenient access to amenities than having a yard to mow.


 Southside Historic District:

Just off of downtown is a rapidly revitalizing neighborhood that is sprouting a bevy of boutique shops, bars, unique restaurants, and more. Annual highlights include Mainx24, a 24-hour long festival celebrating Main Street and the surrounding Southside, held every December since 2007.

Many of those moving to this area are younger people who enjoy an active social life, but many others move there to start a family. Also, if you seek a cool old building renovated into a stunning place to live, this might be your spot.

Highland Park:

While Southside Historic District is still growing, much of it is built out…and the rising prices reflect that.

If you’re looking for a place with a lot of the same amenities, but a bit earlier in its revitalization process, you might look a few blocks east toward Highland Park.

Once awarded “Neighborhood of the Year” by Neighborhoods USA, a major attraction of this location is the selection of Queen Anne and craftsman style homes, some of which have been featured in Southern Living and HGTV.

North Shore:

Across the historic Walnut Street Bridge from downtown is the North Shore neighborhood. This spot is attractive for its riverside parks, walkable boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. There’s also a Whole Foods grocery store. If that’s not convenient enough, the post office is right around the corner, too.

Just up the hill sit a wide array of houses, townhomes, and condominiums to choose from.


A little further east of the North Shore area is Riverview. Tucked away in the many hills are a wide variety of attractive bungalows. The terrain makes it a cyclist’s and runner’s dream. Plus, a nice little grouping of restaurants and shops of the intersection of Hixon Pike and Tremont Street add to the neighborhood feel.

Best of all, the central location offers easy car access to the suburb of Hixon, downtown, the airport, and more.

Broad Street:

Thanks to the down-river expansion and the creation of the Riverwalk, this area tucked between downtown and the town of St. Elmo is enjoying some revitalization.

The area is interesting because it offers easy access not just to city life, but also hiking and biking trails at nearby Lookout Mountain. That way, you never have to choose.


You Can’t Lose:

As we’ve mentioned before, Chattanooga is the only city to win Outside Magazine’s “Best Town Ever” contest TWICE, while also earning accolades in Livability, Bicycling Magazine, and more. And no matter which neighborhood you select, you can enjoy lots of walkability and access to a wide variety of activities.

We really think you’ll love living in Chattanooga TN. And you can trust Joe Leffew Properties to find you the perfect home.