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Maximizing Home Value: The Straightforward Landscaping Technique that Enhances Curb Appeal Significantly

The High ROI of Simple Lawn Care

Forget about those extravagant in-ground pools, fancy new decks, or flashy fire features that you might have seen in glossy magazines. According to reports and what I see in the market every day, I can tell you that the landscaping technique with the highest return on investment for homeowners in our community might just require a single afternoon of work.

Achieving 217% ROI with Basic Lawn Care Services

Curb appeal is truly the name of the game. The landscaping technique is simple lawn care. Homeowners in our area who invest in basic lawn care services, such as seeding and mowing their lawns to maintain that perfect green carpet, can expect an impressive 217% ROI, according to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Outsourcing Lawn Maintenance for Convenience

We completely understand how this “simple landscaping technique” sounds like a nightmare for some. For those of you who don’t fancy the idea of wrestling with a lawnmower, don’t worry—typical lawn maintenance services can be hired out. Use a local expert or maybe find a teen looking to earn some extra cash.

The Importance of a Home’s Exterior and Front Yard

As a realtor, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a home’s exterior and front yard. These are the first elements potential buyers notice as they drive by or visit, and they play a significant role in whether they decide to step inside and explore further.

The Impact of Landscaping on Resale Value

An attractive, well-maintained landscape not only enhances your home’s resale value but also keeps our beautiful community looking its best and promotes good relationships with neighbors. Homeowners who neglect their yards may experience a bit of friendly neighborhood pressure to maintain their properties and avoid bringing down local home values. Not to mention if you happen to live in an HOA neighborhood you might be looking at a few fines unil the issue is addressed.

Comparing ROI of Different Outdoor Improvements

The study I mentioned earlier, which examined 11 common outdoor improvements, revealed that basic landscaping projects can have a substantial impact on ROI. For instance, landscape maintenance activities like trimming shrubs and tending to flowers yielded sellers around a 104% ROI. Upgrading overall landscaping resulted in approximately a 100% ROI.

Preparing Your Property for Sale

On the flip side, homeowners who installed luxurious pools typically recouped only 56% of their investment upon selling. Similarly, fire features and landscape lighting generated ROIs of just 56% and 59%, respectively.

Focusing on Curb Appeal

I always encourage my sellers to focus on curb appeal. It’s crucial to create a great first impression for buyers. Before listing your property, consider enhancing your landscape maintenance, lawn care services, and tree care.

Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces and Green Areas

Creating healthy outdoor living spaces and green areas not only benefits the environment but also increases property values, making our community more appealing and improving our overall quality of life.

Outdoor Improvements for Homeowner Enjoyment

Several outdoor improvements bring homeowners the most enjoyment, including landscape lighting, which is an excellent investment. While installing an in-ground pool (typically costing around $90,000) might not offer a high ROI, it’s the outdoor improvement that brings the most joy—especially during our warm summer months.

Landscape Lighting and New Patios

Other projects that spark joy for homeowners in our area include landscape lighting (costing about $6,800) and new patios (priced around $10,500).

Transforming Outdoor Spaces into Living Area Extensions

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Influence on Outdoor Spaces

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners in our community found immense value in their outdoor spaces, investing significantly in transforming them into extensions of their living areas. As a local realtor, I’ve observed increased demand for outdoor features and larger project scopes.

Conclusion: The Advantages of Focusing on Curb Appeal and Basic Landscaping Technique

To wrap this up, focusing on curb appeal and basic landscaping technique can significantly boost your home’s value and the enjoyment you get from your outdoor spaces. It’s a win-win situation for you and our lovely community.

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